I love the way that the Lego brand gets such great exposure.

The quality and ingenuity of stunts, either orchestrated by the company itself or people using the toy bricks seems to know no bounds. Whether it’s the brilliantly simple iconic albums artwork or news of a mobile phone, Lego’s reputation keeps building brick by brick.

And the latest stunt involves a life-size version of a Volvo 4 x 4 car. It was apparently conceived at its Legoland theme park in California, where employees secretly towed away the general manager’s Volvo XC60 and replaced it with a remarkably similar model built from more than 200,000 Lego bricks.

Company pranksters filmed the reaction of their boss as he returned to his parking space at the end of the day only to find a full-size toy replica in its place.

Just ignore the boss’ faked complete surprise and marvel at the Lego car. That alone is brilliant.

The company has clearly hit on a successful PR formula that taps into both the curiosity and playful child that remains in all of us and is perfect red-top fodder.
I wonder what they’ll come up with next? My bet will be something to do with the Olympics 2012.