If I was in Duncan Bannatyne’s shoes I think I’d be equally peed off with some scathing online reviews – but I don’t think using Twitter the way he has to fight fire with fire is the answer.

The TV Dragon reacted angrily to some very unkind remarks about one of his hotels on the review website trip TripAdvisor.

Bannatyne went ballistic at remarks which likened his Charlton House spa in Sommerset, to TV’s Fawlty Towers. He branded the person concerned as the ‘most dishonest person of 2010’.

According to Duncan’s people he also re-tweeted the personal mobile number and email address of said person to his 250,000+ Twitter followers.

TripAdvisor reacted by saying it has a zero tolerance approach to bullying.

I think Duncan is right to tub-thump for great transparency and accountability on sites such TripAdvisor because it is easy for anyone with any sort of axe to grind to mouth off under the veil of relative anonymity.

And using Twitter to campaign in that way would be a brilliant coup. But am I right to think that in time even Duncan might concede that a little more thought before tweeting would have been a more noble and dignified stance?