Abercrombie and Fitch faces controversial PR ‘Situation’

Has the controversial offer by US clothing chain Abercrombie and Fitch to pay a reality TV star not to wear its clothes been a stroke of PR genius or just another costly example of public relations miscalculation?
That’s the question currently hot on the lips of many in the PR profession, after it emerged that the […]

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Guardian clampdown on no plug, no interview PR

Could we finally be seeing the back of no plug, no interview PR – the practice in which public relations agencies only give journalists access to their clients in exchange for promotional content in editorial?

The Guardian has fuelled speculation that an end could be well on the cards, after it announced a new clause in […]

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Pitching the right PR voice

One of the key skills to any accomplished PR person is the ability to pitch a release at precisely the right level to a target publication or broadcaster.

For example, two completely different national newspapers may well each have good reason to publish your story. But you will invariably need to adopt a different angle and […]

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Cheers to pub with Blobby PR makeover

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of working in public relations is being able to mastermind humorous and entertaining PR stunts and seeing your clients reap the rewards as a result of the media exposure.

By and large, we disguise the PR intent behind any stunt that we do and endeavour to portray it […]

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The Final Day of Work Experience – a fond farewell

The last hello from me, William Bateman, and on the last day of my week of work experience. The time has come for me to reflect on the three most important things I have learnt this week.

I suppose number three on the list, is that public relations and marketing are a key part of the […]

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Day 3 of Work Experience – a further insight

Hello, it’s Will here again and this blog post is about day three of my work experience at Octopus Public Relations.

Today allowed me to gain an insight into another aspect of the marketing world. For the majority of the day I and Paul brainstormed ideas on how to market a client attending an event. Following […]

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Day 2 in PR – the full monty

This is the full blog post by me, William Bateman, for day two of my work experience with Octopus Public Relations, where I attended a “How to win” seminar at The Nottingham Belfry Hotel.

I suppose my expectations for the “How to win” event we were attending, were pretty obvious, I was hoping to learn about […]

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Day 2 of work experience – a quick update

Hello, this is me, William Bateman, and I am beginning a week’s work placement with Octopus Public Relations. This short blog addition will recount my experience at the company during this week.

Extremely busy day today, went to a “How to Win” event where Paul spoke. I am very tired, so I will upload my full […]

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Butterflies, bikes and a great introduction to the world of PR

Hello, this is me, William Bateman, and I am beginning a week’s work placement with Octopus Public Relations. This short blog will recount my experience at the company during my week.


Getting up this morning, first day butterflies were already taking flight in my stomach, however underlying this there was a distant but very clear buzz […]

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Hotel bribes for positive reviews

Hotels are clearly very ‘accommodating’ towards their guests when it comes to getting a slice of good PR, as it appears that many hotels in the UK and across the world are offering sweeteners for positive reviews on the travel information website TripAdvisor.

Several of our national newspapers have focused on the issue lately, with reports […]

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A marriage made in PR heaven

The bride- and groom-to-be currently embroiled in the infamous Miss Fancypants email saga now stand to profit significantly from the fanfare of global publicity.

In the last few days, we’ve all been captivated by the story surrounding the astonishing email, in which Devon businesswoman Carolyn Bourne severely reprimanded the fiancée of her step son, Freddie Bourne, […]

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Awards add a touch of PR fizz

If there’s one thing we advise all of our clients to do without fail it is to get themselves nominated for an award.

Quite simply, there’s no better way of getting recognition, enhancing your PR profile and winning over potential new customers than through a product or service accolade.

A great example of this is the way […]

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Lego builds the perfect publicity vehicle

I love the way that the Lego brand gets such great exposure.

The quality and ingenuity of stunts, either orchestrated by the company itself or people using the toy bricks seems to know no bounds. Whether it’s the brilliantly simple iconic albums artwork or news of a mobile phone, Lego’s reputation keeps building brick by brick.

And […]

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Social networks really do the business

There’s been a new study which has found proof in the PR pudding that social networks really are a powerful and effective public relations tool in helping companies to build up new business.

Research by worldwide office space provider Regus found that of those UK companies that took part in the survey 41% had found new […]

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The unsung hero didn’t make the cut

Fair play to Oliver Astley at the Derby Telegraph for a great piece on social media marketing – which featured a quote from lil ole me.

As you’d expect from a regional daily, it took a look at current national/international developments and then put a local perspective spin on it. There are comments from leading local lights […]

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