So you want to be a marketeer?

This is a guest blog by Elizabeth Wallace, who attended a seminar I gave to undergraduates last week at Keele University about getting into marketing.

As a marketing virgin with aspirations of making it big in the world of PR and posters, I attended Paul Kirby’s talk on “Three Things You Need To Know To Get […]

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New social media insurance highlights risks to reputation

Imagine that someone hacked into your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account and started posting malicious or derogatory comments using your personal or business profile.

Not only could the damage to your reputation be catastrophic, but you could also face a lengthy uphill battle to regain control of your account and bring legal action against the hackers […]

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He didn’t know he was sitting on a PR gold mine … but he does now!

I had a coffee with an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) mate of mine yesterday and was chuffed to hear he had become a regular guest on his local BBC radio station.

Once a month Ed pops into the Breakfast show to take calls from listeners about all manner of issues relating to investments, savings and pensions. […]

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Coded social marketing which won’t leave Egg on face

One of the things that brings joy to my heart is clients who love and embrace smart ways to market their business.

Within minutes of me telling Heywoods about QR codes, they’d put one in their shop window to test the reaction of passers by.

Those in the know will no doubt snap the QR Code with their […]

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Buy George, 6% of shoppers purchase via social media

New marketing research has found that six per cent of shoppers have made purchases through social media campaigns and nine per cent now actively following brands online.

Researcher Shoppercentric found that the main reasons why shoppers connect with brands on social media platforms is:
– finding out something new (32%)
– for brands to connect with them (23%)
– […]

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