I was genuinely moved when I got a brilliant testimonial out of the blue on Saturday morning.

By way of explanation, Apollo Blinds sends a Business of the Week email every Saturday morning to its network of franchisees to praise that week’s top performers. As well as the plaudits, each week’s winner gets a bottle of champagne.

This week I was delighted when I found out that my cyberbuddy George Stewart had scooped the accolade and the bubbly to boot.

And within minutes of the announcement I was copied in to this email from George to the top man at Apollo.

I was blown away by it. Just in case it doesn’t scan well from the image it says:

Hi Gary
Great news and what a feeling to get the prize and on my birthday too.. Wasn’t planned.. lol.. I would like Sir Paul Kirby to receive my bottle of bubbly.. The celebism I have received in Hamilton with Pauls editorials and blogs are priceless and this is a small thank you I hope that Paul will do the honor of drinking it for me.
Thank you
Apollo no1
George Stewart

I’m very lucky that I love what I do. I’m equally fortunate that what I do enables businesses such as George’s to grow and develop.

Champagne on a Monday morning? I think so. It’ll also quaff it to mark my unofficial knighthood!