More than PR

Slide3PR can be a standalone service that will always deliver great results, but when you put it right at the heart of marketing activity, something magic happens. That’s because PR impacts and influences everything around it.

A brilliantly simple example

Take something as simple as entering an industry award. Writing an award entry is only the start of a chain reaction because the kudos of winning (or even entering for) an award enables you to:

  • Get free publicity because it’s a great news story
  • Update your website and marketing material to say you’re an award-winning company
  • Have conversations with your followers on social media channels about why you’re an award-winning company
  • Tell prospective customers about your success in a direct mail piece
  • Remind existing customers through company newsletters
  • Celebrate with staff and suppliers

All of which can bring you new customers, cement the loyalty of existing customers, worry competitors, increase visits to your website and provide a boost to staff morale.

That’s not a bad chain reaction of marketing activity from one simple PR idea, is it? If you think that’s good, get in touch or call us on 01332 314101 as I’ve got a bag full of other ideas.