10 reasons why you should hire me

Slide1Here’s a list of 10 reasons you should hire me:

1. I get results

2. My press releases are nearly always printed word for word by the media (therefore achieving clarity of message)

3. I write business material that gets responses

4. I draft submissions that help clients win awards

5. I write web content, blogs, marketing material, newsletters, scripts and manuals

6. I love devising effective PR campaigns

7. I’ll buy the Starbucks when we meet

8. I’m one of the best freelancers in the UK according to The Drum – I’ve achieved The Drum accolade twice in three years

9. You’ll really enjoy working with me

10. I’m always upfront about what is and isn’t achievable

If you want me to do one or more of these for you, then call me on 01332 314101 or get in touch.