What I can do for you

Slide2Here’s a list of the services we provide that you can use as part of your marketing activity.

  • Media relations – this service builds links with journalists, briefs them and supplies them with regular press releases in order to gain positive and consistent coverage in TV, radio, offline and online media.
  • Award submissions – the key to preparing a great award submission is ensuring you answer all the questions set out in an award category. You’d be surprised at the amount of award entries that don’t do this!
  • Social engagement – it’s easy to ghostwrite content for social media and I can do it all day long. But, by far, the best results come from working in partnership with clients to create authentic content and conversations.
  • Marketing material – typically, I draft text for brochures, flyers and newsletters, plus some specific web content as well.
  • Direct mail – the brief for direct mail content is quite simple: it has to grab the reader’s attention and prompt a direct response. Clever and witty copy often gets the best results.
  • Online content – this service drafts content that is engaging to the reader but also beneficial for the search engine optimisation of a website. I also produce extra content including website-specific news and blogs.

Can I help you with any or all of these? Then call me on 01332 314101 or get in touch.