It is often highly frustrating as a PR practitioner to see so many product innovations come to nothing, simply because the people behind them fail to recognise the importance of effectively marketing their business idea.

But had they followed the example of PR-savvy Yorkshire publican Dave Barron they could’ve instead been spreading the word about their brilliant creations simply by turning each one into a newsworthy story.

The inventive pub landlord has just come up with a novel way to keep the beer flowing at the Queens Head in Hoyland, just outside Sheffield, by creating a machine that allows thirsty regulars to serve themselves.

His new self-service beer pump allows drinkers to pour their own pint using a special payment card, which holds a credit of up to four pints at a time.

Barron claims that the device has already been a big hit, particularly during busy nights when there’s footie or boxing showing on the telly, and that he already has plans to install another two machines.

He says that not only does the machine help to keep queues down at the bar, but also the staff savings mean that he can charge 10p less a pint.

But by far the biggest benefit the machine has brought has been the publicity that Barron has managed to achieve with his contraption.

As well as having an inventive talent, he has also demonstrated an acute awareness of PR by grabbing the attention of the national newspapers and getting extensive media coverage in the process.

And not only is he seeing an upsurge in trade as a result of his PR endeavours. He now looks set to generate keen interest amongst manufacturers and investors who see the business potential of the device as a marketable product in its own right.