Sometimes, the only thing you can do is marvel at a brilliant piece of PR.

Step forward the PR team at Sky Bet, who pulled something very special out of the bag after turning one football fan’s woe into unadulterated bliss.

In the run up to last weekend’s Sky Bet League One game between my team Wolverhampton Wanderers and Coventry City, both local and national media were all over the story of a Wolves fan who would be missing his first home game in 37 years.

Peter Abbott from Ipswich wouldn’t be taking his usual seat at Molineux for the first time since 1976 as he’d be walking his step-daughter down the aisle instead.

This story alone was enough to warm the cockles of your heart but what the team at Sky Bet did next was simply brilliant – well, it was for fans like me.

If Peter couldn’t get to the Wolves game, then Sky Bet arranged for a bit of the game to go to Peter in the form of old gold legendary striker Steve Bull, who made a surprise guest appearance at the wedding reception.

The 306-goal Wolves legend stunned Peter as he handed him a signed shirt and programme from the game. To say that Peter was chuffed is an understatement, according to media reports.

Apparently, the Sky Bet team had picked up on the story and contacted the bride the day before the wedding and made arrangements for the extra, surprise guest at the reception.

For every Wolves fan, and I dare say lots of other football fans, it’s a brilliant happy ending story. And it was all brought about by one quick-thinking PR person who recognised the opportunity for their company to be at the heart of turning something unfortunate into something fantastic.

Well done Sky Bet.