As the maker of a table-top football game from a bygone age, Subbuteo could hardly be described as a brand at the centre of media attention in recent years.

But when the opportunity finally came to get its name in the headlines once again, the once-popular children’s toy can only be congratulated by taking advantage of the current turmoil surrounding one of its leading feature football teams.

Glasgow Rangers, one of only two Scottish clubs that are regularly available in the Subbuteo product catalogue, has been axed by the toymaker as it failed to sign its contract with the manufacturer in time for the 2012–13 football season.

Subbuteo had originally agreed a licence to produce the tiny plastic figures in the light blue colours of the reborn club, but the new owners had been far too preoccupied with restructuring the club’s finances and renegotiating contracts with its players.

The unprecedented step of culling Rangers from the Subbuteo line-up has added insult to injury to the club, which is still without a set of fixtures next season after the SPL voted overwhelmingly to reject its application to continue playing in Scotland’s top flight.

But Subbuteo won’t mind that one little bit after it secured extensive coverage in the Scottish newspapers of its decision to turn its back on one of the best-supported clubs in the country.

What’s more, the timing of the story couldn’t be more perfect either, with London toy store Hamleys predicting a surge in popularity of retro favourites, including Subbuteo, Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids, this coming Christmas.