Only yesterday I blogged about football players getting into hot water about comments on Twitter – and now it seems WAGs are getting in on the act.

In the latest episode of Twitter gaffs, Tottenham Hotspur midfielder David Bentley’s wife has been tweeting a tirade of expletives aimed at Spurs’ boss Harry Redknapp.

Kimberly Bentley vented her spleen on the social networking site in apparent frustration at the uncertainty surrounding her hubby’s future. There’s been lots of media speculation that Redknapp could offload the winger in the January transfer window.

Although the offending tweet has since been taken down, apparently Mrs B wrote ‘What’s happening? F*** all and its starting to wind me up!! Sort it out Harry for f*** sake’.

I bet there’ll be little sympathy for the stressful life of a WAG riding the gravy train but it yet again serves to highlight the need for people to think before the tweet.

While Newcastle United are right give their players guidance on using social media and the implications of putting information into the public domain – football clubs surely can’t expect that to extend to WAGs? Or can they?

Whichever way you look at it Kimberly’s comments couldn’t have helped what is already an obviously tense situation between the Spurs winger and manager. Maybe next time Mrs B should stick to what WAGs do best rather than acting as her husband’s unofficial spokeswoman.