If you’re a frequent visitor to our blog then you’ll be familiar with the many PR stories that we have covered about Danish toy manufacturer Lego – including the Lego Christmas tree and Lego album covers.

The prolific PR team that helps to promote the company’s line of children’s toys, video games and theme parks, seemingly never tires of ingenious public relations stunts that get the Lego name in the national press with almost perfect regularity.

And just in time for the first bank holiday weekend of the year, they have gone and done it yet again with an attention-grabbing new exhibit at its Legoland theme park in Windsor.

Visitors to the park will now be able to come and meet Harry, a hermit crab at the attraction’s Discovery Area and aquarium, who has taken up residence in a shell that has been specially constructed for him out of the iconic Lego bricks.

According to park officials, the choosy crustacean was offered a variety of empty sea and snail shells for his new home, but he decided to move into the multi-coloured Lego shell instead of the more traditional options.

Hermit crabs do not have a shell of their own and take up shelter in an abandoned shell of another species until they are ready to move into a larger one as they grow in size.

It’s not entirely clear whether Harry’s colourful choice of new accommodation started out as a bit of fun or was intended as a PR stunt right from the very outset.

But in view of Lego’s track record of incredibly successful PR stunts, from a series of celebrated album covers constructed from the toy bricks to a six-foot model of a Lego man mysteriously washed up on Brighton beach, it’s not hard to guess what our money’s on.

Yet whatever the way this latest story was orginally conceived, the result has been just as you’d expect from Lego, with widespread media coverage all the same.