Facebook Timeline the perfect PR platform

With just a few days to go before businesses are forced by Facebook into using a new format for their branded pages, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the implications of Facebook Timeline for PR campaigns that make use of the social networking platform.

If you’re a Facebook user, you may have noticed that […]

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VisitBritain poster proofo a proper PR embarrassment

At Octopus PR, before we send out any of our public relations material, we always get it checked out by our own regular proofreader first.

And it’s not hard to see why we do when you look at the PR humiliation that the UK’s official tourist board has suffered as a result of an embarrassing proofo […]

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Toddler-inspired giraffe bread grabs PR ‘spot’ light

Any media story showing that you deliver great customer service and that you listen to your customers is undoubtedly amongst the best PR you can ever have.

So grocery chain Sainsbury’s must be particularly delighted with the way the national press has picked up on the story of how it renamed its 75p loaf of Tiger […]

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Will KLM’s in-flight social media take off?

Plain daft idea or not, you have to take your hat off to Dutch air carrier KLM for getting 5-star publicity following the announcement of a new system that will allows passengers to share each others’ social media profiles.

The airline is calling the service Meet & Seat, which will give customers the option to choose […]

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Success in social media needs know-how

To virtually any business with an online presence the PR value of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, should be pretty obvious by now.

And this is clearly reflected in the number of organisations that are now using social media in some form or another as part of a wider marketing strategy.

Yet there is […]

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How an innocuous picture makes national news

Have you ever wondered how a seemingly non-story ends up in the national news? This might give you a valuable insight.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge Wolves fan and avidly read a fans’ forum called The Wolf.

Earlier this week under the header God is a Wolves Fan one supporter posted a […]

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Press save not send to avoid being a twit

There have been a couple of times when I’ve wanted to let rip on social media sites. Whether it’s to get something off my chest, respond to something someone else has posted or just trying to be a smart arse, temptation has nearly got the better of me.

Before I continue, please tell me I’m not […]

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What George Michael has taught us about social media

George Michael is the latest celeb to send the media into a frenzy because of his musings on Twitter.
Since his watercooler moment appearance on Comic Relief (go on, I know you wanna watch it again) he has tantalised with his tweets about a going back on the road after vowing never to do it again.

In […]

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Coded social marketing which won’t leave Egg on face

One of the things that brings joy to my heart is clients who love and embrace smart ways to market their business.

Within minutes of me telling Heywoods about QR codes, they’d put one in their shop window to test the reaction of passers by.

Those in the know will no doubt snap the QR Code with their […]

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Buy George, 6% of shoppers purchase via social media

New marketing research has found that six per cent of shoppers have made purchases through social media campaigns and nine per cent now actively following brands online.

Researcher Shoppercentric found that the main reasons why shoppers connect with brands on social media platforms is:
– finding out something new (32%)
– for brands to connect with them (23%)
– […]

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Social media policies are no substitute for common sense

I agree with the National Association of Head Teachers’ (NAHT) stance in calling for strict guidelines on the use of social media sites such as Facebook by rookie teachers. After all, it’s only the same as any other organisation ensuring they have robust HR policies in place to deal with it.

But something about the NAHT’s announcement […]

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