You’re only ever one tweet away from disaster

As Diane Abbott and Ed Miliband have proved, people in the public eye are only ever one tweet away from, at best, embarrassment or, in a worst case scenario, a full media storm.

That tweet by the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP in the wake of the verdicts in the murder trial of Stephen Lawrence […]

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Racy racecourse tweet works a PR treat

If there’s one thing we stress above all else to anyone engaged in a Twitter social media campaign then it is always ‘think before you tweet’.

So imagine our surprise when a maladministered tweet on behalf of Plumpton Racecourse ended up giving the sporting venue invaluable positive publicity and a significant boost to the number of […]

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Will KLM’s in-flight social media take off?

Plain daft idea or not, you have to take your hat off to Dutch air carrier KLM for getting 5-star publicity following the announcement of a new system that will allows passengers to share each others’ social media profiles.

The airline is calling the service Meet & Seat, which will give customers the option to choose […]

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The PR penalty of mistaken identity

As PR peeps, we work extremely hard to raise the profile of our clients in any way we can. But for some people, such as Olympic gold-winning cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, becoming centre of media attention seems to come entirely by accident.

The 35-year old Scot has just become one of the leading topics of conversation amongst […]

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Success in social media needs know-how

To virtually any business with an online presence the PR value of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, should be pretty obvious by now.

And this is clearly reflected in the number of organisations that are now using social media in some form or another as part of a wider marketing strategy.

Yet there is […]

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Stop selling and start talking to me again

There are a couple of folks I follow on Twitter because I genuinely want to hear what they have to say because they’re interesting and thought-provoking.

But, just recently, they’ve gone into sell, sell, sell mode and their pearls of wisdom are being drowned out by the constant din of their sales messages. It’s getting so […]

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How an innocuous picture makes national news

Have you ever wondered how a seemingly non-story ends up in the national news? This might give you a valuable insight.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge Wolves fan and avidly read a fans’ forum called The Wolf.

Earlier this week under the header God is a Wolves Fan one supporter posted a […]

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Can the BBC gag stars to prevent Twitter leaks?

The BBC is hoping to introduce new contracts which forbid actors, performers and writers from disclosing details of their work within the corporation on Twitter or other public internet forums.

According the article in the Guardian, senior sources at the Beeb believe such a ban ‘was a widely held view’ and comes after a number of […]

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Press save not send to avoid being a twit

There have been a couple of times when I’ve wanted to let rip on social media sites. Whether it’s to get something off my chest, respond to something someone else has posted or just trying to be a smart arse, temptation has nearly got the better of me.

Before I continue, please tell me I’m not […]

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The end of a tw-era

OK, it’s time to draw a line under my Twitter venture. While I’ve enjoyed my stint as @itspaulkirby and learned a lot from it, it’s time to revert back to @paulkirby.

By way of explanation I’ve had a Twitter account @paulkirby since Jan 2009 and it’s fair to say I dabbled with it at first so […]

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The unsung hero didn’t make the cut

Fair play to Oliver Astley at the Derby Telegraph for a great piece on social media marketing – which featured a quote from lil ole me.

As you’d expect from a regional daily, it took a look at current national/international developments and then put a local perspective spin on it. There are comments from leading local lights […]

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What George Michael has taught us about social media

George Michael is the latest celeb to send the media into a frenzy because of his musings on Twitter.
Since his watercooler moment appearance on Comic Relief (go on, I know you wanna watch it again) he has tantalised with his tweets about a going back on the road after vowing never to do it again.

In […]

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Buy George, 6% of shoppers purchase via social media

New marketing research has found that six per cent of shoppers have made purchases through social media campaigns and nine per cent now actively following brands online.

Researcher Shoppercentric found that the main reasons why shoppers connect with brands on social media platforms is:
– finding out something new (32%)
– for brands to connect with them (23%)
– […]

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Can someone tell me the point of being a fake?

As a Wolves fan, imagine my delight when, out of the blue, I got a message saying that Molineux and England legend Steve Bull was following me on Twitter.
I spat out a mouthful of tea in shock and dropped everything to go onto Twitter and follow him back at @Stevie_Bull. I then read some of his tweets. And […]

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